A New Centre

So today I resolved to practice balancing in my new jump stirrup length. I warmed up at my normal length, then hiked them up. At first it was quite uncomfortable. I kept feeling like I was tipping up Misty’s neck, or that I would just topple off. Some things that helped me feel more comfortable were holding Misty’s mane to keep my hands moving, bending my knees, and consciously engaging my core. I definitely didn’t get it perfect at the walk or trot, but I think I made some big improvements. I did some posting where I went between two point and standing. We had a few great moments where she was very responsive to my leg, and I tried to keep it interesting for her by doing lots of turns, figure eights, and changes of direction.

The canter was amazing today. By this point I had the ring to myself, so I was able to barrel around without a care. We careened around corners, weaved back and forth, flew up the diagonal, and twisted our way through the centre. Misty had her ears pricked forward the whole time and seemed so happy. I can’t believe how far we’ve come. Two weeks ago I was getting to the point where I was almost scared to even try to canter. Now our transitions are snappy and I don’t tense up at all. By the end I was feeling quite comfortable in my shorter stirrups. I wasn’t quite staying up without touching the saddle at all, but I was able to go for eight to ten strides consistently before losing it.

Since we were having so much fun already, I popped her tack off and cooled her out bareback. She’s not the most comfortable, but it’s still awesome.

IMG_1888Ah, the joys of a grey horse that loves rolling in… everything.


Bareback “selfie”!


Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 Lease Day

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