He likes me… He likes me not…

So, Misty is crushing pretty hard on Paddy (one of the other lesson horses). She pees about 4 times per lesson, and I always know where in the arena he is by the direction Misty is yanking her nose. Today she was extremely hard to get moving away from Paddy, and nearly impossible to halt when she got behind him. Yay mares!

We did some figure eight trots over poles. Nothing much to say about this exercise. I was supposed to be working on bend and roundness and such, but I had to spend most of the time getting her attention on me instead of Paddy. We did the same thing in the canter next, and I was finally able to get her feet moving. We did some awesome transitions from canter to trot back to canter.

Jumps! Instructor set up small jumps in the centre so that we jumped in the middle of the figure eight, tried to land on the opposite lead, then came around and jumped again. It was crazy fun. Misty did awesome, and I wasn’t horrible. I stayed off her back pretty well and didn’t collapse on the landing. I kept my elbows mostly soft.

No real breakthroughs or tips from this lesson, just tons of fun. I’m off to Mexico soon, so I won’t be riding for the next 2 weeks.

Friday, April 11th, 2014 Lessons

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