Happy Human

I showed up at the barn with no idea what kind of horse I’d be greeting. I was prepared for rearing, ear pinning, and twine breaking. Instead I got the sweet mannered angel I was used to. Misty was perfect while I groomed and tacked her. While I was sorting out the straps on her bridle, she turned her head and craned her neck in order to stick her face into the bridle. She even grabbed the bit with her lip and sucked it in. So cute! I gave her a big hug. Up to the arena we went, through leftover snow. The rider inside was on her way out, warning me that snow was falling off the roof and spooking horses. Misty stood nicely as I picked the snow clods out of her feet, then toddled along at my side to the mounting block.

The ride went well. I focused on praise. Every time she did something I asked, or even tried, I showered her with praise. She responded well. I got a nice stretchy trot out of her. I did struggle a little bit with roundness and getting her on the bridle. She was much more content to run around with her nose on the ground. I practiced steering without my reins and controlling speed with my core. Then we went to the canter. The transitions weren’t exactly speedy, but she didn’t buck at all. I had trouble picking up the right lead. Even on a circle, she kept choosing the left lead. I repeated a few times until I got it, then we cruised around the arena in half seat for fun. I finished up with trying a few steps of collected canter. This proved tricky, and resulted in lots of breaks to trot, but we got it. I hugged her and told her she was good so many times.

Friday, February 28th, 2014 Lease Day

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