Another nice ride

Misty was an angel in her stall today. She stood calmly while I got her ready to go. I know there’s a lesson that ends at 10am and often the indoor is empty for a while after that, so I aimed to get there right at 10. That didn’t work out today. Someone else was starting just as I walked in. Luckily it was someone I really like. She’s friendly, a great rider, and it’s easy to share the whole ring with her. Hurray!

The walk went well. I let Misty meander around for a couple laps since it was cold. Then I took off her cooler and asked for more rhythm. She moved forward nicely. I focused on not nagging. Squeeze, let her keep the rhythm, squeeze again only if she slows down. She responded nicely. We had a few stalls where she decided to stand still, but we got going again.

She picked up the trot quite easily. I did a few walk trot transitions to get her listening. I’ve learned that also gets her moving in a faster trot, too. We worked on shortening and extending, bending, and roundness. I still have trouble feeling when she’s round, but I think I got a few steps.

Canter transitions were not good. We did a couple circles of fast fast trot instead. Then I remembered what Instructor said about how you have to half halt and take the reins, give her something to move into. So I pulled her back. Bam! She dropped into canter and I grinned from ear to ear. We cruised around once in two point as a reward – she loves going fast. I negotiated my space in the arena and tried not to be a bother on the other rider, and managed to do one figure eight canter exercise like we’d done in class last week. It went pretty well! As soon as I got a good transition, I gave her lots of “good girl”s and did one more bolt around the ring. Yay Misty!

She was still sweaty after walking around the ring a few times, so I traded her tack for her cooler and took her out for a walk. The groundwork is paying off. She stops quickly when I do and follows me around much more easily. When I turn, she turns. She even backed up with me while I shut the gate. Here’s her “I did good, where’s my treat?” face:

We found a little bit of green on the ground for her to eat. The only issue was the very scary horse-eating woodpecker hiding on a light post. She spooked a few times, but not too badly.

Horse Eating WoodpeckerCan’t wait for my lesson tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 Lease Day

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