Oops, forgot my lesson post!

Apparently I forgot to post about my lesson last week. It was a good one. The arena was super busy when I first came in – there were 8 horses at one point. Luckily it calmed down before my lesson started.

I can’t quite remember the trotting exercises we did, but there weren’t any breakthroughs there. We did a bit of getting her round, some bending, some halt transitions. The important part was this:

Controlling the Canter Depart

We continue to struggle with the trot > canter transition. I sometimes do a whole circle clucking and kicking like an idiot, and Misty just gets a faster trot. Instructor told me to use my whip, then right away stop her from bucking by sitting deep and holding the reins firm. This tip to stop her bucking really helped my confidence. To be honest I’ve been nervous to use my whip, because she always does a big buck when I do. She sure had me trained. Now that I’m learning to pull her head up when I feel her getting ready to buck, I can stop her before she starts. It was tough and I still got a few bucks, but I definitely got it right a couple times, so I know what it feels like. Now to practice!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 Exercises, Lessons

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