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It was a beautiful, sunny day today, with highs of 14. I was so excited to ride outside! The outdoor arena was still a little frosty when I arrived at 9:30am, so I took the time to wash Misty’s tail. Some workers were up on the roof drilling and dropping things. All the horses were pretty spooky, but Misty did very well. She pranced and backed up a few times, but she always calmed down and stood with me. Needless to say, she got quite a lot of cookies!

Here’s the result of her bath. Her tail isn’t quite “white”, but at least it isn’t full of poop and twigs. And I can get a brush through it again. I cleaned up her back legs a bit too, since she’s quite good at aiming her poop all over them.


She got a shiny new blanket, too! I’ve never seen the 3 lesson horses with blankets that aren’t patched up and faded. I think she looks pretty striking. Also, look how glowing white she is! (shh, it has nothing to do with the photo being overexposed, nope).


By the time I was done, the outdoor arena was sunny and warm. We had an amazing ride. After a long walk warm up, we did some nice trot. Then it was time to test out my canter trick. I mentally prepared myself – no wimping out, use the whip! I can do this! Deep breath… I asked nicely and clucked. She pinned her ears. I tapped her with the whip. She started to buck. I sat my butt down and pulled her head up. She went “what the crap… ok, canter”. ¬†Wow. I grinned ear to ear as we cantered around a circle. Then it was back to trotting and walk breaks for a little bit. We didn’t do much hard work in the trot. A couple lame attempts at leg yielding, and some circles with bending in then out. Once she was nicely stretched out, I went back to canter. The trick worked again! Over and over I was able to get her cantering within a few steps of asking. She didn’t get one buck out the entire ride. We did some canter serpentines, and she was amazing. I didn’t have to use the whip at all after the first couple times. I couldn’t stop smiling.


Misty says “I don’t like it when you figure out my tricks”.

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 Lease Day

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