My name is Brooklyn, and this is my personal blog. Growing up, when I told people my name they would ask: “How do you spell that… Brooklyn, like the bridge?”. Hence the blog’s name.

I went into university straight out of high school with dreams of a stimulating education and perhaps a career in computer animation or computer science. Instead, I got 6 years of bored profs, TAs that didn’t speak English, and semester after semester of useless projects that encouraged “trying our best” rather than teaching any fundamentals or actual skills. Feeling that university had given me nothing I could use in the working world, I began looking elsewhere for a career path, and that’s when I remembered horses.

I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember, but it took me until age 23 to realize that you don’t need to live on a farm or earn six-figures to get involved with horses. I started taking weekly lessons at a local equestrian centre right in the city. Riding immediately became the highlight of my week.¬†For privacy reasons, I refer to my riding instructor as simply “Instructor” in this blog.

One day I would love to train horses. It baffles me that I could get paid to spend my time riding. For now though, I take my weekly lesson, spend a lot of time on youtube watching horse videos, and read books and blogs about horses. In August of 2013 I also got to start leasing Misty, the horse I ride in my lesson, one day per week. I’m pretty lucky!